In The Beginning Continued

His mother, Anne, fueled the influence of struggle which is notably apparent within Sosa's music. Sosa was raised in the humbling atmosphere of a lower class neighborhood within the east end of Toronto. Sosa's rough childhood forced him to develop an unfathomable hunger for success. Drawing inspiration from New York legends Kool G Rap, big Daddy Kane, and the late great big L, Richie Sosa decided his relation to the music went beyond being a fan and decided to join the game. With the weight of the city's reputation on his shoulders, Sosa set out to takeover the entertainment industry. One of Sosa's main goals is to set and raise the bar of excellence within the industry. Cocky as it may seem he prides himself on the consistency, and quality of his music. Another one of Sosa's goals is to diversify himself as an artist and entertainer. Sosa recognizes the fact that it is important for him to separate himself from the status quo of average Rappers.